Tuesday, February 16, 2016

When TV shows become only good for a mini series

While the X-Files had staying power, it didn't pull the amount of viewers that Fox thought it should so it's being tabled until fall. Then there is the mini series on FX called the People V O.J. Simpson, it's an okay series but has no real viewership. The series was stimulated at least by some behind closed doors, by Bruce Jenner admitting he is a she, or at least so called coming out. The rest of that entire family that made it's fortune by a few appearances on at first the E channel, then a few other tabloid style cable networks, the fact this series wont be back. TV as was predicted by Commander Data of Star Trek fame will be a fading form of information and entertainment by the 22nd Century, in fact it already is fading. That old model is one that wont be around for very long, including cable TV access providers, will soon only be the pathway for us to watch our fave shows online. Good bye TV. Radio is not there yet, but unless someone and that too means us, but unless radio is thrown a lifeline, it too will drown into satellite and streaming , rather than over the air. 
On another subject, it's been nearly a month or so since I was given notice that money from the Montgomery Trust(aka Montgomery Foundation) had been awarded some of our lost funds. My second cousin Shar, has worked tirelessly to get the funds on its way to me, yet the barrier seems to be some serious farting around by the defendants of the absconding with the proceeds of millions of dollars invested by thousands of people, the Montgomery Foundation being one of the main ones. While no one even thinks that the entire amount will be awarded as what was lost, getting half would be good, but it comes to a settlement, and if I am in fact receiving this money don't you think it should be sent? However one Maggie Lyons says just sign a piece of paper and a check would be sent, yet here it is 2 and a half weeks and still no check, seems as a lot of jumping through hoops for such a small amount of money, just under $5,000.00 . Considering over $60,000.00 was invested. So Metropolitan Summit Creditors Trust, sends me the release that I sent back, it don't take this long for mail to reach Coeur d' Alene Idaho, nor this long for mail to reach Evanston Wyoming from there. The thing is I have a signed written piece of mail, from one of those in charge of sending out this money that says if I sign and send the release form (which I did) that $400.00 would be sent. The real problem, my shop, my bills, are due, due to their promise that they have to date failed to deliver. Then these same people don't wont or can't answer their phones or emails. It's like cockroaches  the hide from the light when the spotlight is shined on them. Maybe it's time for me to take this situation public, with say a major TV network, as well as contact a friend who works for the FBI who happens to be a Knytes member, and let him also hand it off to the Securities and Exchange Commission. More on this in the morning on my online radio show, on www.livestream.com/rodewolffm 
Until then drive careful 

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