Monday, February 15, 2016

Welcome to my new jungle

Before I get all fyred up here, I want to ask one thing, did Debby Ryan of Jessie the Disney Channel towards the past last season just before Disney axed the series did she start to gain weight a bit? Was Jessie getting pudgy? As I look at some just released episodes in reruns It looks to me as if perhaps either she's pregnant or she was eating way too much at the cast craft table. I also noticed that the animated series on Disney called Gravity Flats has been given the axe. Starts to make you wonder at who is running that network and why they are pulling the plug on so many. With so many series' over at Disney, reaching the characters

    College years, why isn't someone over at Disney or now the Freedom channel looking at taking these series' into college year style dramas or shows? Liv And Maddie are reaching the end of High School, and will go off to college at least in the story line, so why not do Liv the College years or some such. Rather than end these series, just mature them, Kind of a Disney channel for the young adults, say 22 years old, to say 30 or so. With a bit more gritty content or story lines. I caught the X-Files, and I think I know where the producers are heading now. As Mulder and Scully get older who will take over the section of the FBI aimed at paranormal and obscure scyfy cases? If you caught tonites episode you may have noticed that two slightly younger versions of Mulder and Scully being groomed. Kinda a X-Files upgraded, and that would not hurt my feelings a bit, I love the show. Now then saw a premier show on Hulu, called 11-22-63 which is a series of a guy who through an older grandpa type finds a time portal, his mission is to stop the assassination of President Kennedy . The series is being produced and written by Stephen King, one thing I caught in the premier ep, was a 1958 Plymouth Fury. Anyone at this point that has no idea of what that is, a 58 Plymouth was the make and model of Christine, also a Stephen King production. 
Okay then I have pretty much made up my mind on whether or not I should move and set up my gig radio, shop, tow service all of it or not. While this decision has nothing to do with my partner at the shop as he's cool and all, but I could pour more money into the shop, and still not be turning a buck. The decision came up again as I was offered Monday, a career opening of wrenching on helicopters in Woods Cross, for the family aviation company that bares my name as well. $80.00 an hour plus, getting back into the air, is nothing to sneeze at, so I'm leaning really hard towards that. I can still do everything I need to do, commute once or twice a month tinker on LexiBelle, and LiL Wolf, until June then move them to Utah as well. Likewise as far as the radio gig, why can't I and the Wolf-Pack set things back up there in Woods Cross aim an antenna towards Wendover and STL the signal to Wendover, who says the studio has to be there? Have my good friend Vern ride herd on it there in Wendover, and make this new arena bigger and better than it currently is, plus gaining both on air talent and generating income from a mass more advertisers, just makes sense. More on this in the morning, but I think I'm done with Evansgone, my family is there, there's more money there, and simple things to rebuild my companies are there. 

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