Thursday, February 18, 2016

CNN's TownHall, I think was scripted

If you watched CNN's Town hall last night you might have thought the mud slinging was accurate. I stated on my entry on Hazzard County Tymez, that I'll believe a Yankee candidate for President of this union, sets up a mini farm on the grounds of the White House. I don't really trust any citified people. I'm sorry, those that wear a suit and tie all the time, shake your hand and put the other on your back with an agenda of, "Just how much can I make off this guy?" if a politician wants my vote, put on a pair of irrigation boots and go out with me to move sprinkler pipe. Or for that matter load a 50 foot trailer full of produce headed for a major chain get there, wait all too long to unload , so they understand the abuse of HOS, (Hours of Service) when a politician smells like real cattle manure or diesel fuel then I'll believe in that politician. Have you noticed none of these candidates have said what they will do for farm policy, or rural America? Have you heard one question asked about Trucking policy? I haven't. All we hear is things involving immigration, I say to Donald Trump, sure keep those Mexican's out of our nation, but You Mr. Trump, go pick cotton, hoe some sugar beet fields, or milk cows. Then bitch about immigration. How about setting a time limit on EBT cards and Medicaid, to people who will not try to create a business, more over give everyone in this nation a one time gift grant of say a modest $300,000.00 to create their own business, to make their own living. Even at $300,000.00 to every native born American would not even make our national debt limit, and would improve it, by eventually limiting entitlements to those who really can't work. This is the kinds of things I'd like to see, when a Presidential candidate starts talking like this, then I'm in. I also would like to ask those in South Carolina a question, how come nobody even asked about retention of our flag of Dixie as a historical symbol, and quit pushing so many states to take down or get rid of our Confederate symbols, and statues etc. Nobody asked this question. 
Several years ago Dodge did a remake of an address to FFA students, by Paul Harvey legendary news-person. I'd like to add a phraze or paragraph, When God needed a person to lead the most gifted nation on earth as President, he wanted a farmer.
My opinion I could be wrong.
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