Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Then there are those that say they are supporters , but are more like fart snorters

Of course there are those that will take up your time either at church, at home or just out in the cyber land like Facebook, that will say ah I like that, or hey I like your page or group, yet, if they are asked at any time, to dig deep into their pockets for any amount or to help a cause or project, it's ah things are a bit tough, or can't quite spare any thing, or some reason. Yet they can buy gas, buy smokes, even narcotics, but they can't afford or wont put out any financial or any other assistance. Over the last 35 years outside of my parents, gone since 1978 and 1983 respectively , and occassionally the Church mainly my local ward, here, I have yet to count on anyone or anything except the Knytes and the Wolf Pack, I don't care about all those that go to our FB groups and say they like our groups. Nope true like or affection comes from those that truly dig deep, and send out money, to support us, in our quest to rid this nation of Yankee stupid, Northern arrogance and restore southern liberty and freedom. Restore southern values in God and country, That's where its at. Yet no financial contributions except that of the monthly dues of the clubs as well as a few extended gifts from club members . So when you say your a supporter, don't be a fart snorter, really contribute. 

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