Monday, February 22, 2016

Two things good today two bad but in the end a sigh of relief

First good thing happened today, got the checks from the Metro Insurance Trust account cashed. Although one had to be held for verification, bullshit. But I got one of the smaller ones cashed. Damn near went to Wal-Mart since they cashed one Saturday night. Okay, then , got the lease signed on MY new shop, its out in the wilderness, sort of, but for what I need a shop for right now, its fine and in MY price range. Then coming out to the new shop, just inside of city limits, this jerk in a newer model Toyota 4Runner damn near hits me from a rolling stop. Normally something like that, I just let slide by , but this was way too close for comfort., So went to the fuzz station to get a ticket written on this asshole, Like I said before, there's more assholes everyday. Would the cops do anything? No, but I will tell you this, they sat up and called me, when I sent the DCI dick a text that told em, next time I wont call no cop, next time some SAMCRO justice would be dealt out. Welcome to Evanston, drying up and this is one of the reasons it is. Law here is by and for a chosen few. I saw as I rolled out from a meal at Sud's Brothers, which was as tense filled as could be , Kara was working and Kara for those that forgot, was one that signed up to be one of our main wait staff at what was to be here , as the Reaper Club. It ain't our fault that the city wouldn't issue a liquir license. But what I noticed was that main street is near dried up as far as business's are concerned, the old city hall building has few tenants trouble is the town folk don't understand nore care, Thing is you throw em a lifeline and they toss it away. Which is why I leased the other shop, enough for me and my rides, so I can reside in metro Utah to get my butt making money again, just hope cousin Shar can help me find a place to hang my hat, in May as that's when I'm looking to exit. 
Time for my nap so I can be on air later.

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