Saturday, February 27, 2016

Its warm in Florida, cold in Wyoming just hope I'm not counting the chickens before they hatch

A recent acquaintence of mine online, has be all over twitterpaited. For you not in the know or too young to remember, when Bambi became aroused by a mate, Thumper said he was twitterpaited, which means all in the glow of things of a emotional thing humans call love or at least wanting to be in that condition. However my partner at the old shop, told me to be very careful, since he has heard of this kind of thing, the guy thinking its grand, but her just wanting a fling,  not wearing a ring. There's also the fiscal reality, having a mate costs mucho denaro , plus there is the ultimate part of this, is she as much into me as I am into her? The fact that she's always throwing up the image and all ov Jan Vincent who for one is long deceased and two became nothing like the character he portrayed on the screen. I too have fantasy movie and TV illusions, of the female side, like Keri Russell from Pacific Shores into Felicity, now on the Americans on FX, of course there is Selena Gomez, sure I'd like to trip the night fantastic with her as well, but unless your holding a million dollars in your hands or wallet, neither is going to want to spend any time with me, likewise I don't think my new honey would get the time of day from Jan, not taking anything away from Jan, on both the productions we worked on together , White Line Fever,(Blue Mule was my creation) or again with Airwolf, Jan worked hard, but his narcotic problems, drinking, over spending and eventual health decline, all I could see was a once bigger than life man dwindle down to a near hobo, that passed away quietly in 2014. I am in the way of thinking that if your going to lust after a celebrity, go after one attainable, like say a local TV newscaster , not some big time actor, or actress that unless your of some grand celebrity yourself you stand not a chance with. Over the years on air interviewing many , like Heather Locklear, Katie Holmes, and Selma Hyack , I have broke bread with many, but a serious relationship was far from reality. The only one I ever, ever had a shot with was Miss Cathy Bach aka Daisy Duke
 But fear of being fired from that show, and all kept me away from that. I especially remember the time when I first met Cathy. We had brought our version of the grand General Lee to the Salt Lake City Autorama, although the studio had one that had no engine in it, on tour. People loved ours, but there was the thing that Mick Ellis , not having anyone else and me being the fan of the show from whence the car came from, delegated me to escort Miss. Bach from the show where she was making a personal appeerance to her hotel and to eat. We spent one night just talking and eating a boat load of ice cream and sundaes, it was grand, yet I never pursued that. Today I still have the key to her front door and get Christmas cards for but that was a once in a lifetime. I have sought company from other actress' but got no reply from agents nor them personally. Of all the gigs I have done the Dukes was and is a family and we all from the stars down to us in the trenches me being just a mechanic on set, are still friends, but getting back on course and topic here. 
It's one thing to be a fan and have a lust and dream of a star to be your one and only, but in reality if you knew them in person or worked with them, you would not want to be their special someone. Its better to detune your lusts and all for someone that is real, and that wants you for you. I'm reality, Jan is a deceased fantasy. While I'm trying to keep an open mind here, I might remind the lady of my interest here, it may be warm in Florida, and sleeping in ones back yard may be great, I give you a warm place that while its cold outside here in Wyoming, I have a very warm heart and home. I'm just praying I'm not counting the chickens before they hatch here. I'm though reminded of the words of both my cousin Shar, and partner at the old shop, Rick, you met her online, it ain't real, until she's here in your home all cuddled up. 
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