Saturday, February 20, 2016

Artichoke and Spinache dip or spread don't mix at Club Major

Let me introduce to you Club Major, a aviation themed and all for aviators grill and pub soon to open north of Evanston Wyoming. If your an Airwolf , Black Sheep Squadron or any other aviation or military aviation TV show fan you'll like it here if your a Navy or Marine reassigned aviator you'll love it here. Designed with the aviator in mind, from someone that has JP-4 running in our veins. Club Major has one slight bit of spice, it's also the north of where-ever grill & pub, with a slight southern atmosphere that any Dukes-of-Hazzard enthusiast can appreciate. With that intoduction, since our idea was brought fourth in 2013 when we set eyes on Karen's Cafe on 24th street in Ogden, with a $2,million price tag, we looked elsewhere, and found a few spots in Rural Wyoming and rural Utah that Club Major will thrive in. Thus I have been collecting recipies and looking for the right combination of food and spirits that only someone that has taken flight can appreciate and enjoy. 
While I do this radio side of things as well as going towing as RodeWolf, the original inside of me as AyreWolf has never left, and most know if its not snow and I go tow, its spread fertilizer over fields as AyreWolf Aviation. That's why every graphic I use for our newsblog headers, on air backgrounds for the radio station and everything else, has that set of Gold wings in the background. I fly, and flying is what
I am. Might think of it as 
 If that bothers you , tough. However I wonder sometimes at the market researchers and fly by posters of spamware that we all encounter. Hey I dig everyone needs to make a living, and free to nearly free advertising is good, but this morning I got, an ad from Why the hell would I be interested in Zulily, for those not educated, Zulily is a mass market store online for women. While Bruce Jenner may have changed genders and surrendered his equipment under his suspenders I'm proud mine are still attatched and mine still work, albeit here lately not much excersize nor activity there, but still my balls still hang low, VERY LOW and are still filled ready to supply any and everything. While many think they know this high octane canine well , here in Evansgone there is one that does, and another trying to learn, the rest resist and run because their bread ain't quite done, and that upsets others. Anytime you can demonstrate your smarter than others , it makes others uncomfortable because being more intelligent means great responsibility, yet insults the hell out of other people, worse yet it also frustrates us who are while not geeks, are more street and outlaw chic than others. 
Going on the air later this evening at 23:00 , been trying to get that done for a week, but there seems to be a cat fight in the sandbox between our software, Livestream's software and AllWest Cables software. Can't wait to get this radio gig back in Utah, where this radio gig can flow like milk and honey, and nearly at Warp Speed. 

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