Thursday, February 18, 2016

Toew Notes 2

Today is the 4rth day of area stupid that is epidemic in Evanston, perhaps the nation, but since its mostly here its important to me. I have yet to track it down, some I talk to say its due to the LDS church having such a dominance here considering the word Mormon with the M removed is moron, Can't be that since I'm Mormon with a higher than most IQ, some say its the economy here, that people here are not paid enough to care to be intelligent , there are probably many reasons for it, but Evanston is undergoing a bad case of prolonged stupid. I thought about getting a truck trailer load of Midol and taking it up to the cities water supply and depositing Midol into the water with the hopes of getting rid of the bitchieness here. But that does not cure anything, just makes stupid more melo but they still are stupid. Some claim that the prolonged condition of stupid is due to the meth and controlled substance abuse here. That may be part of it, but for the likes of me I can't understand what the core cause it is that creates a terminal case of absolute stupid. It's not just here though, I can remember Utah having the same problem. The notion that the big bad Church will take care of everything and the arrogant and ignorant attitude, there contributes to the problem. Want proof ? Watch how a Utahrd drives. Ain't never seen a Utahrd drive with any measure of driving ability, most there think if you just point the car, in the right direction it'll just herd itself to the proper destination. Then there is the reluctance of some talent and websmiths down in Metro Utah. I call it stuck up, some may call it something else, but thing is; There is no production company of film and or indy features , that has been as stable as Confederate-Star/Southern Steele, the parent of Dixie-Diesel/HazzardAyre Radio and Highway Hooker/SpeedWrench TV. For just under 25 years now, we have produced , aired and all features with just 4 people on staff, and have remained financially stable and able, many times paying talent fees that exceed the area normal, and yet its a kick, claw and fight thing. Few in Utah talent firms or for that matter independent talent will cough and spit, but few will take the time to get out of the smoggy box they live in to see just what is just over that Mountain range. While Wyoming does not claim much in the way of feature films, as far as I know 2 come to mind, but what is here pays well. Very well. While population numbers do not tell the whole story since Idaho and Utah have the corner on both population and income levels, still looking beyond what is in front of you can line the wallet very nicely. 
So is there a cure to Epidemic Stupid? Can't say but the place that begs you to quit drinking and getting stoned is the same one that'll drive you to the bottle.

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