Sunday, February 21, 2016

WalMart needs to rethink their 24/7 business model since its not working well

WalMart needs to rethink its 24/7 business model since its not working very well. Seems as though the CSM's at night have no real desire to help anyone, and all too many excuses and ways of shruging off their responsibilities. Especially if its a product or something that one knows they carry, but the stocking clerks in fact few that work in these stores especially this one in Evanston Wyoming, have no idea of. Here's the thing. Had a slight headache so decided since I had ran out earlier, that I needed to resupply my Goody's Headache Powders, full cost of one box $6.00 . So I go to the store. Go the the pain reliever isle but no Goody's. So I got a clerk there and asked what's up? She scanned the product. Said they got new inventory on the 20th, uh that's today, and it was all sold out. Really? Bullshit. The clerk had no ambition nor feel the need to satisfy a customer. Guess what? I had to drive all the way to the Riverdale Ogden Utah store , waste $20.00 to buy a box of Goody's. To say I'm pissed is an understatement. You can bet I wrote corporate. My thought , not much will happen, but its another reason that I'm really considering a relocation situation.
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