Thursday, February 18, 2016

looking like a great day in store

Good Howlin morning from the Wolf's Lair here in Evansgone Wyoming. It's going to be a warm, but wet day today, the High temp is only going to reach the upper 30's here. Warm and wet is great when your with a woman, but not worth a shit on the highway. 
Yesterday , took a trip out to scan a potential new to us, and moderately priced shop out yonder on highway 150 here, although nobody can get in it as the owner is out of town until Monday, but if that looks like it does on the inside we have it made. Have to take LiL Wolf over to a competitor to get it fixed and running, seems as even with the exchange of the Greay Ghost Subaru, the persons that would repair LiL Wolf have not even lifted a wrench to it, and its now 3 months or better since that request went in. So If they want a car, they fix the truck if not, I go fetch title, sell the car to pay for fixing the truck by the competitor. 
Some ask if I'm all hell bent on going west why I'm even bothering. Understand that the radio gig at this point is a 40% of my time hobby. The radio gig, is my contribution to both the Knytes and the AyreWolvez. They provide the funds for the radio gig, my duty is to work the station and take care of the chores that make that happen, the rest of the time its tow when it snows in winter fly in the spring and summer, and with a view of more acres planting by area farmers which is our primary customer base at HazzardAyre(AyreWolf) Aviation that means more seat time in enhancing planted acres by air, than draggin and snaggin in LexiBelle, but still its many hours. There are some places that tend to be more vocationally kinder than others. It's like if you want to be an actor you go to NYC or Hollywierd, if you want to be a pro stock car racer you go to where the big tracks and teams are, if you want to do or be a hit in kountry music you move to Nashville, and while there are various examples of this as being the exception still that's how that is. Evansgone is not a hot bed for radio and or TV. Although with Park City Utah being only 45 miles away acting and movie making is not that big a stretch but, still in our latest recruiting events, the overwhelming amount of potential on air talent finds has been from Utah, Metro Utah to be exact and while I don't consider 200 miles round trip to be that big of a commute and while the 100 mile round trip from Jerome to Gooding, by our Miss Nurse GoodBody, 

 still the exception, many in our area or those that were on board are not to hip to commuting from Metro Utah here to long gone Evanston, every other day to be on radio. So we as the ones who git-r-done thought lets put our studios in that area and shoot the signal via STL, Microwave and IP to both Wendover and Evanston here. That being that, my main things are flying and wrenching/aka toewing. As such Utah is not that easy to tow in, the extra hoops to jump through just to get on rotation lists and all exceed the return on investment, likewise there's a heap more airports with area to build if not there already more hangar space. That can house my ag air company. So I am trying to locate a place I can live in that is centrally located to allow that pursuit. Ogden Utah is the first consideration, Layton being another as well as Tooele Utah. 
Now here is the other shoe on the other foot. The very reason I do this radio gig is because I believe in it and what its for. More over who its for. The men and women who deliver this nation , in all kinds of weather and conditions, make sure your local store has what it needs to supply to the people. Their voice while yes is up on the big eye in the sky, still is not what overnight, long haul style trucker radio. The legends like Charley Douglas and the RoadGang, Joc Radio, Bill Mack and the Midnight Cowboy show and others have faded into the foggy lanes of yesteryear. Even they did not have any kind of information and such for us in towing. So be us as we are as the premier OTR/ Towing organization even in 1974 said nobody else is doing this, lets us do it. With PaCCAr and Cat Diesel amongst others, on went Long Haul Trucker Radio that evolved into Dixie-Diesel/RodeWolf Radio. Along with Maximum Overdrive and of course both SpeedWrench/HazzardAyre Radio, our mini networks have prospered, because we are not just a bunch behind the mic, we are also behind the wheel. We are the voice of the Interstate, and we are looking to becoming even more potent. When the agricultural community was looking to broaden its reach of information to farmers in 1994 it was us through our rural partners that launched the AGStar radio network. Long before RFDTV and others our aim was to deliver instant on air news and views of rural America., Many even here in Evanston laughed. We were looking to escalate ourselves into TV, take what shows like AG/DAY into 24/7 TV for agriculture. However there was a slip in the grease , that turned that idea off and we devoted our efforts to those that move the crops out of the field to market, mainly the ag truckers, however over in Omaha Nebraska there was an enterprising young man, named Patrick Gottsch who created a thing, called RFDTV, launched through Dish Network, and over the air on rural area LPTV stations, RFDTV while having some growing problems, still is the voice of rural farming Television. Our plan to do on TV for over the road (OTR) truckers and the trucker/trucking lifestyle what RFDTV did and does for farming. However one can grow too fast. Patrick's RFDTV is now in a state of the art facility in Nashville, but even so, RFDTV lost some of the magic that made them, the royalty of rural TV, Natilie Noah, doing weather, this guy there in the morning doing weather just does not have the eye candy, nor the sweetness that Nat has, nor the reporting. The ag newscasters they had are pretty much gone, and as such RFDTV's viewership is down, ad revenue is down, programs like the Marty Stuart show is wondering if they should renew and so on. RFDTV had a good thing they just got to too swelled headed and lost their footing. Dixie-Diesel/HazzardAyre TV does not want to outgrow or to just front like RFDTV has. We walk very carefully. But we need to purrfect our radio operation more before we get to TV. However I have been successful and so has the Knytes in our Tv attempts, but between radio/TV and me doing what I need to do to feed me and mine, means all too many days, which means bringing in others like my friend Dave and Vern. It's called delegation of duties and authorities, and while many can't or wont be pledges for the Knytes nor the AyreWolvez, they can be our helpers. Gottsch got out of step, he forgot that to be a farmer you once in awhile need to go out to the barn and get cow manure on your boots to understand the needs of your viewers, many in trucking / trucker radio also forgot, that to walk the walk and talk the talk of trucking you need to experience white knuckle rides and get diesel fuel on your sneakers once in awhile, to understand what your listeners/viewers . I made a promise to the club back in 1975 at one of our regional pow-wows. That the day I pull the key out of LexiBelle and just stop trucking and/or towing was the day I stopped doing radio,/,TV for truckers and towing. I will not be phony or just front. But I have been being just that, which is why the fevered need to bust a knuckle and bleed in a shop here to be the towing/trucking high octane canine of the Interstate, being in the cab and not just behind the mic and in the studio. 
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