Monday, February 22, 2016

Many do not know that in the deep forest there are wonders to behold

In the deep forest there are wonders to behold and experienced. For example, inside the Wolf's Lair here at the Wentworth Apartments here in Evanston Wyoming, sits and operates a full operational online radio station. Yet from the outside it would seem like there's nothing but a mundane apartment. But if only you take the time to look. Just like the other evening, Nate and I were at Pilot Travel Plaza chowing down at the all too many Subway's here, and this one cat I been visiting with for many weeks , said, " I didn't know you lived there" Gotta get out more there sonny. Then there are those, that fear stepping out of their comfort zones. Like this seat cover from Florida that happens to be a Airwolf fan. While I havent seen her works , still if she wants to write and all, plus get up in life, I threw her a bone and said, " Want to develope your talent? Come out here to Wyoming. Evanston is just 80 miles away from Salt Lake City Utah, one of if not the fastest growing areas by population areas in the nation" Of course the excuses, fear is one of them. The damn TV has perpeted this all over the place, the strange experiences of seeing things online, but finding nothing of the sort on the other end, or being abused somehow by some con artist. For me con artist has always something to do with someone getting scammed through the exchange of money . While I'm not rich financially, I'm content. I eat regular, have a good bed, its warm, most of my bills are paid, have 4 companies, have the friendship and brotherhood, of the Knytes, the AyreWolvez, whom I proudly serve on radio and upcoming TV, network of ours, and I do okay. Why? Because, and yes I have went through the ringer and paying my dues, severely , I'm seeing day light, and as Heavenly Father tells us, ride his tails his will , will be done, more over things will improve. As well as this, if we are to be like him, once he bestows blessings, and gifts , if we just hog them, his future offerings to us will be less. If we are fortunate enough with money or mental gifts, we should offer them and our kindness to others. But we also should remember, its called free will, don't stuff those offerings down their throats, if we offer and those we offer to, is too stubborn to partake, you move on to those that are willing to accept, those offerings. 
To get back to producing this afternoons show, I am only one person, there is way too much for just me and the few and proud members of the Wolf-Pack to do here broadcasting . So the offer is out there again, if your male or female, with a slightly higher than average IQ and ya'll want to escalate yourself into a career rather than a job, HazzardAyre Radio has openings, for program writers, ad copy writers, show producers, and on air talent. 
If you want to partake, get in touch at . 

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