Friday, February 26, 2016

But did it take someone from Florida?

I suppose being one that can see things for what they could be or can be rather than what they are is somewhat of a gift, but that kind of futuristic ability can be a curse as well. Last night Rick at the shop was somewhat not conversational, looks like there might be a divorce coming on there at least as far as he and I and what was our shop. That ball is in his court, since I did invite him and crew to the new facility, but no firm answer there.
I'm not one who follows the rest of the establshment, in fact I'm very much anti establishment, anti system, and extremely rebel. Maybe its the fact that I think outside of the box, and very much beyond what many think is normal. I'm a wyld wolf, and I make no apologies for that. I am me, you get what you see, nothing super fancy, not rich by any means and certainly not conventional. Just a creative film producer, radio personality and a pilot, that dabbles in towing and building radical rides, cars, bikes and trucks. I do the impossible with the improbable and usually with only a few area tools, much of the time imported from slightly more advanced areas, and then there has been thoughts, of relocation, near where the Lady is now located, and all, but I got to thinking a few weeks ago, why move. Sure the first inning of the shop game with Rick went sour, but its he who gets back up on his horse, in this case back into the cockpit, that succeeds. My only thing in regrets and all was no lady human, to be with , that shares at least a few of the things and interests I do. The fact that there is no Yankee northern woman that would have me, one evening found this sweet heart from Florida, that at least was into all things Airwolf. Since then much of a lot of common interests and all have been explored and just as I predicted, it took a honey from Dixie, that if all works out, can be my personal SheWolf, rebuilding AyreWolf Media and Films, here. Yes , I'll have to teach her how to fly, and get her GA(pilots license) and all, but hey its a beginning. But I got to thinking and no I ain't been drinking, isn't it a real slap in the face that with all these upity stuck up egotistical women in Evanston and surrounding area that I needed to reach beyond the great divide to find a woman that could easily become my bride? Beyond that a mind that has the same wyld ideas I have that can and will create some memorable future films, TV series, and yes co run AyreWolfFM/HazzardAyre Radio.  Her name is Shelly , and I have a good idea that for once my time has arrived. 

  I need this and have needed this. More over needed her. I look at things like this; God never has people cross each others paths or enter into each others universe if he doesn't want things to happen. Sure its going to be difficult, both of us are on a fixed income, me on both Social Security and military pension, her on Social Security. Me I've been blessed, I have except, and it was my choice, but as for me I have never been homeless. Close to it, but I've always had a roof over my head, creature comforts and a life. From birth through and because of some great parents that too, had a dream, made it happen together, and me being the prime beneficiary. True for about the last 12 years while a law suit from my trust fund against a annuity investment company that had the executives caught with their hand in the cookie jar. But Now bit by bit the fund is now being paid, just over $15,000.00 in interest over the next 5 years, and more after that until the Principle of $30k, is paid. I'm not doing badly. Its when you allow God to take the steering wheel, that blessings happen, the word most use is faith, I call it Gods gifts, and when you say its his will, not ours, that things happen. I'm still producing the show, so no overnight, but will see you on the radio, at 10:00AM at and on 

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