Saturday, December 24, 2016

If your going to invite me to the dance, don't tell me what music to dance to

If your going to invite me to a Facebook page that does not have its header already set, don't bitch if I customize it a bit. My SheWolf invited me to some goofy group, so I put up some eye candy as the cover photo. Of course the , insults followed. Here's the thing; men are men women are women. Even though the female side of our human species, is all feminist and all, deep down, the equality thing is not equal. If photos like this:
 bother my SheWolf, the real thing that attends most of our gatherings of the club is really going to send her into orbit. Beyond SheWolf. If you want to attract a 80% male viewership, of a product, service , organization or Facebook group or page, you put up some cover girl, and you'll get and retain guys. Especially us male corpuscles that are a bit overcharged with Testosterone. Example, the car network on cable/satellite called Velocity, has one show called All Girls Garage. None of those women have any idea in reality to tear down a car, much less rebuild one. But hey, those gals are hot and eye candy, and guys watch it. When Spike TV bought rights to PowerBlock and Power Nation, the main spokes gal on there was Courtney Hansen, formerly of Overhaulin. In reality all she's there for is window dressing, she really does not know engines and powertrains of anything that burns fuel or has tires but she's there to get and retain your attention. This has been going on since damn near since the car was invented. I remember the hottest one, that sticks in my mind I saw it when I was about 6 years old. It had this well to do couple going out in a Corvair. The car ran out of oil or something and this hot blonde in a mink, got under the car, fixed it, and came out all oily and wiped the oild with both hands on the guys face then gave him a Hollywood smooch. It was racy for the time, but the image stuck. All too many women have been on TV , magazine ads etc for cars, from all manufacturers. Linda Vaughn Miss Hurst, The Dodge girls , hot bodies and hot cars and trucks go together. So do trucks. The first truckers publication that did this was Overdrive, in the mid to early 1960's. The DateMaster Calendar and pin up

 This was groundbreaking. Then came Owner Operator that did the same thing. Just about everything with an engine and tires, has been publicized in in print with a hot female. From Lowrider to Truckin, Mini Truckin even Hot Rod Magazine did it when Wally Parks the creator of the NHRA used hot honeys with hot rods. This is not just cars and trucks. Even our military warbirds and attack helicopters has been featured with hot women or at least the image of one. It was called nose art, and body art, long before body art term was applied to tatts. 
 and so on. Is it sexist? Probably, but for men like me that has two balls between our legs that still work, images of machinery with an even hot gal posing with it is what gets and keeps us into the whatever it is. But if you don't want me in the group, don't invite me. Pretty simple. 

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