Friday, December 30, 2016

I prefer Brick and Mortar more than online sorry but I do

No matter the product or service , I'd rather do business with a brick and mortar store or shop , rather than online. No matter if its parts for a rig, bike, or car we are rebuilding, which is our main gig here at Hazzard County Choppers, 
 or buying insurance, obtaining financing or preytell dealing with things and government agencies. Especially if I'm having to empty my wallet. Sure there are other online services to check on who your dealing with, but many of those float much denaro to such search engines like Google and Facebook, to where any kind of reference is a bit biased to say the least. If you look up organizations or firms that were in operation before the Internet rage , your going to play hell trying to find anything conclusive. Example, if you look up say our business and organization model, the Independent Truckers Association, all you get is one using the name but is only an insurance company. The original Independent Truckers Association was created by Mike Parkhurst the original publisher and creator of the magazine Overdrive. BTW, Our parent organization is the United American Independent Truckers Association and is the remains of the first created ITA. But you wont find much on it. The original TeenAge Truckers Association which was the mother organization created as a 4-H truck transportation club, that was grouped from the JR-14 CB Club of Twin Falls Idaho and the Street Commanders Kustoms Association in 1975. Both became the Hazzard County Knytes Kstmz Association in 1982, the rest is history, and that is us. The Iron Knytes Association is the retro, version of our original organization. And I'm proud of what we have done. Over the years experimental organization names have been tried to become a bit more mainstream acceptable , but fall from lack of interest. Volkswagen years ago with all the copies of the original VW Rabbit, put out a commercial both radio and TV that said, why own a copy when you can own and drive the original? Same goes here. But I degress on the main topic. I would rather do business with people that I can go into and see and feel what I'm buying, where I can dispense cash, get a receipt and know I have what I went in for in my hands. And where if I find that I've been snookered , that I can go back to that vendor and have a hands on conversation with. Strange how opinions change when you have someone by the collar. The name change to the Iron Knytes came as many of the high council thereof decided that all too many names and identities were out there and confusion was rampant. So We essentially scrunched everything together as the Iron Knytes Association, with only one extension the AyreWolvez Military Aviation Association. The Iron Knytes are, bikes,trucks,muscle cars, and Dukes. More over we are the only not ancestrial specific organization of southern liberty and history. What we do goes beyond a tiny bit of keyboard lip service on Facebook or a blog, we are out there on foot, kicking ass for all things Dixie and preservation. We are out there hitting big corporations, government agencies, media giants and more to say that our flags of Dixie, and our southern heritage is both alive and well, more over the people who love that flag and all are not here to descriminate on ethical backgrounds, or family history , nor to people who give that flag the respect that it deserves. We as an organization are fully transparent and all to much honest. I wish other people and Facebook amongst others were the same. 
Yes I prefer to do business with Brick and Mortar, but there are exceptions. More on that in the morning. Today, I'm on my way to Utah. Yesterday the Mountain West felt a jerk in its complacency. Lavell Edwards the head coach for many years of Brigham Young University in Provo Utah. Past away , leaving a big historical gap in the areas infrastructure. Lavell was a great friend, mentor and one of my teachers at BYU, when I attened Trade Tech at BYU when it was part of that school. So on air I wont be and Blog entries will be hit and miss as I can, wgen I can with my lap top. 

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